King Sejong Institute, Debrecen

Hungarian Language Courses

Online Hungarian Grammar Course B1

January – May 2024
Number of lessons: 20


How to say it correctly?

20 class units, 1 x 90 minutes per week


This private or group course uses presentations, explanations and exercises to deepen your knowledge of Hungarian grammar and help you to use the grammar consciously. It provides a comprehensive knowledge of the Hungarian pronoun and verb system, deals with word order and the correct structure of simple sentences.


Program of Studies:

– 2 class units (2 x 45 minutes) a week

– placement test before the course starts

– Debrecen Summer School examination and certificate (ECTS credit points)

– instruction format: online course


Course dates:

08 January – 15 March, 2024

18 March – 24 May, 2024


Application Deadline:  1 week before the course starts


  1 person 2-6 person
Tuition fee 390 EUR 285 EUR/person

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15-26 January 2024
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HUF Hungarian forint
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