King Sejong Institute, Debrecen

Hungarolingua + 1/1 – Course book

Author: Edit Hlavacska, István Hoffmann, Tibor Laczkó, Sándor Maticsák

5.500 Ft

The Hungarolingua book has been modified structurally, while some new content has been added to the earlier, 1991 and 1996, editions. These modifications and additions are meant to make the book, which has been used successfully in Hungarian language teaching for several decades, more up to date in its vocabulary and more modern from a methodological point of view.

Thus, the earlier Hungarolingua 1 coursebook is now available in two separate volumes: Units 1–6 in Hungarolingua+ 1/1 and Units 7–12 in Hungarolingua+ 1/2. Each unit from the previous edition has been extended with a new section that aims at a more thorough acquisition of the grammatical, lexical and communicational focus of that particular unit, while it also provides more up-to-date information on Hungarian culture. All the newly added parts consist of four modules: exercises, functional language, grammar explanations in English, and a glossary.

Another helpful addition to the book is the review section after Units 3, 6, 9, and 12. The review sections consist of 6 exercises each and focus on practising reading comprehension (1), writing (2), the grammar (3, 4) and the vocabulary (5, 6) of the previous 3 units in a new context, which should guide the learner towards a more thorough acquisition of the target language. The final sections of Hungarolingua+ 1/1 and Hungarolingua+ 1/2 offer grammar exercises (comprising the activities in the former grammar workbook) broken down to units, thus providing an additional chance for even more practice. We hope you will enjoy using this book and find learning with us a rewarding experience.

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