Debreceni Nyári Egyetem @1927

"Egy nyelv tanítása elválaszthatatlan az adott nemzet kulturális értékeinek közvetítésétől."
Modern Hungary: Hungarian History and Culture in the 19th–20th Centuries
21 July–3 August 2019

Képzési program nyilvántartásba vételi száma:

Órák száma: 60
Structure of the Course: – 3 blocks of classes (3 × 90 min) a day – examination offered at the end of the course (ECTS credits) Course Description: Debrecen Summer School offers an academic course for foreigners who are interested in the history and culture, the past and the present of Hungary but whose level of Hungarian is not yet enough to immerse in the topic. The course has been designed with special regard to those who (might) get into contact with Hungary or Central Europe. Based on the major turning points of the history of our country in the 19th-20th centuries, Modern Hungary provides a comprehensive portrait of the political and cultural events as well as persons and institutions of nearly two centuries. The additional cultural programmes will provide an opportunity for the participants to visit places which are closely connected to the events and personalities discussed in the lectures and seminars.

Következő kurzusunk

Egyhetes kurzusok 2019
2018. január 21–június 7. és szeptember 30–december 6. között minden héten

Képzési program engedélyezési száma:

Órák száma: 30
Szint: kezdőtől felsőfokú szintig

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